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ok so i m spazzing out right now i have so much caffiene in my body again. i was stoned pretty much all spring break and it has been good. gainsvill ewas fun and i met some cool new people and saw DOM!!!!!!! god i love him. that damn carly chick is so lucky. ha yea i love how i start liking all these people i will never have a chance with just because of who i am. it sucks. i realize it though so i guess its good im not hitting on him and making an ass of myself. hes a cool guy.haha im being pathetic shutting up. anwyaz. im reeaaallly fucking cold. im once again living primarily off mountain dew. caffffeeeeiiiinnnneee. i want to hug someone. bodily contact. nothin like it. i look like a retarded 80's aerobic intstructer in carrot pants and tank top. hahaaa good stuff. mm salmon. dont like fish but im sure it would taste good right now. i have some pictures of Will and Dom kinda drunk. its good fun. i might sell them and i might keep them. im leanin towards keepin them. its hard taking pictures while stoned. really hard. lol a plethora of inibriated people is great. polaroids are the shit. little lights blink despite the ominous looming danger. as the teeth clamp down apon the wireless internet router the world crashes down apon me sending me into a wirlwind of trash subject to review by a government board of educational duck like animals. as the haandekendroog begins to speak to me inside my thoughts where nobody can hear i start to slip away into arms that cant and wont catch me leaving me in my abyss of lonliness. - poetry on the spot by me. clap bitchl.
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