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so no one ever posts in here but thats ok.

hey you guys...i know youre all a little less motivated but take a little time to maybe write in here. once or twice. it hurts to see the last post like forever ago. so you know what you should do...make people join. if more people join there will be more posts. hah! thats a discovery...theres really no point to posting in here but maybe if you guys want we can make it a fort frickin myers kids journal...who needs those? but if it makes you happier to talk about like mating animals in your back yard or your cool friends then go ahead. but its always gothkidsonice...or will be 20 entries back when you see the founding members posts...maybe on the inside we all want to dress in black and like ice skate to ministry or skinny puppy or something. im going to whore this community out on kill me.
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